Hey there, this is Esma and Hauke writing about Germany. Together we are germaze. Exploring Germany’s wonders through taste and travel. Join us on a journey of savory bites and scenic delights!

Why did we start this blog? We looked around and couldn’t find one of the many blogs about Germany that presented all the content we would like to see. That’s why we want to fill this gap and tell you more about our beautiful home country with germaze.

About Esma

Hey there! I’m Esma, a mom of two with an insatiable love for exploring Germany. Our family adventures are all about discovering hidden gems, trying out new restaurants, and soaking in the beauty of this amazing country. From cozy cafes to secret spots, join us on our journey to make unforgettable memories. Life’s an adventure – let’s dive in together!

About Hauke

Welcome, my Name is Hauke. I was born in Northern Germany and has made it my mission to bring people closer to my homeland with this blog. I am fascinated by the beauty, diversity, good food and tradition in the individual parts of the country and invite you to get to know the best sides of Germany with me. Join me on a journey through wonderful Germany.