Frankfurt to Amsterdam Train: 5 Top Tips for a Scenic and Smooth Journey

If you’re exploring Europe, it’s natural to wish to venture beyond a single city. Frankfurt ranks highly among our preferred destinations in Germany. Why not consider extending your journey to the capital of the adjacent country, the Netherlands? We’re convinced that travelling from Frankfurt to Amsterdam by train is an excellent suggestion. We’ve gathered our insights on this journey for you and hope you find delight in both planning and undertaking it. Off we go.

Overview of Travel from Frankfurt to Amsterdam by Train

Embarking on a train journey from Frankfurt to Amsterdam means enjoying a relatively quick, direct connection across the heart of Europe. Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, here’s what you need to know about getting from the bustling financial hub of Frankfurt to the picturesque canals of Amsterdam by train.

Direct Train Availability

Your travel between Frankfurt and Amsterdam can often be made on a direct train, simplifying your trip without the need for transfers. These direct train services are predominantly provided by the high-speed InterCity Express (ICE), ensuring a smooth and efficient ride across the borders.

Journey Time and Distance

Frankfurt to Amsterdam Train Journey Time and Distance
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The distance between Frankfurt and Amsterdam is approximately 364 kilometers. The duration of the trip can range significantly, with the fastest ICE services taking around 4 hours, while other non-direct routes may take longer.

Frankfurt to Amsterdam TrainJourney Time
Fastest ICE Direct Train~4 hours
Average Journey Time~4 to 6 hours

Train Services Overview

A variety of train options await you when traveling from Frankfurt to Amsterdam. Although ICE trains offer the fastest services, you also have the option to take Intercity (IC) trains or regional services which might make additional stops, potentially offering more flexible travel times and ticket prices.

  • Fastest Route: Direct ICE train
  • Frequency: Multiple direct services daily
  • Distance: 226 miles (364 km)

Discovering the scenic route between Frankfurt and Amsterdam by train promises both efficiency and comfort as you travel from one iconic city to the other.

Ticket Information

A ticket machine in a bustling train station, displaying "Frankfurt to Amsterdam" with a clear purchase button

When planning your train journey from Frankfurt to Amsterdam, understanding ticket options and possible savings is key to a hassle-free trip.

Booking Tickets in Advance

Booking your tickets early can often secure you the cheapest price. Prices tend to rise as the travel date approaches, so it’s wise to lock in your fare. For example, starting your search for an adult economy ticket fare weeks or even months ahead can dramatically reduce costs compared to last-minute bookings.

Discount Cards and Savings

If you’re a frequent traveler, consider investing in a discount card. Cards like the BahnCard in Germany offer substantial savings, not only for domestic routes but also for international journeys like Frankfurt to Amsterdam. Check if you’re eligible for railcards or group discounts, as these can lead to meaningful savings on your tickets over time.

Ticket Price Comparison

Train OperatorsAdvance FareSame-Day Fare
Operator A€25€37
Operator B€38€123

Comparing ticket prices across different providers can lead to cost-effective choices. Sometimes, prices fluctuate based on time and demand, so look for off-peak times with lower fares. Websites like Trainline and Omio can simplify this comparison for you.

Train Amenities

Frankfurt to Amsterdam Train Train Amenities
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When journeying from Frankfurt to Amsterdam by train, you can expect a variety of amenities designed to enhance your travel experience. Whether you’re looking to work, relax, or enjoy a meal, the onboard services cater to a range of needs.

Onboard Comfort

Your comfort is a priority on trains between Frankfurt and Amsterdam. Enjoy air conditioning for a pleasant temperature year-round, and utilize the footrests and adjustable seats to find your perfect resting position. For those needing to charge devices, power sockets are conveniently located at your seat.

Catering Services

Frankfurt to Amsterdam Train Catering Services
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Don’t worry about packing snacks; the train offers a restaurant and bistro car where you can purchase meals and beverages. Here’s a taste of what you might find:

Coffee€2.50Freshly brewed hot coffee
Sandwich€5.00Assortment of gourmet options
Salad€7.00Fresh seasonal ingredients
Soft Drink€2.00Assorted sodas and juices

Enjoy a selection of snacks and light meals to keep you satisfied during the trip.

Connectivity and Entertainment

Stay connected with complimentary free wifi throughout your journey. Plug into the entertainment portal featuring movies, music, and games to make your trip fly by. Whether it’s catching up on work emails or scrolling through social media, you’ve got the digital tools you need right at your fingertips.

Travel Tips and Tricks

Passengers boarding train in Frankfurt, luggage in hand. Scenic views along the journey to Amsterdam. Comfortable seating and amenities available

When you’re planning your trip from Frankfurt to Amsterdam by train, a few savvy tips can make your journey safer, smoother and more enjoyable. Let’s dive into some key advice for your travel.

Best Times to Travel

To avoid crowds and enjoy shorter travel times, consider booking your train from Frankfurt to Amsterdam during off-peak hours. This is typically in the late morning or early afternoon on weekdays. Taking a train during these times could also increase your chances of snagging a better seat without the rush.

Day of the WeekRecommended Travel Times
Monday – FridayLate morning to early afternoon
SundayEarly afternoon

Packing Essentials

For the nearly 4-hour journey, you’ll want to pack wisely to maximize your comfort. Essentials include:

  • Comfortable Clothing: Wear layers to easily adjust to the change in climate between and within the stations.
  • Travel Pillow: A compact travel pillow can make the journey more relaxing, especially if you plan to rest.
  • Headphones: Create your private oasis with noise-cancelling headphones or earbuds.
  • Chargers: Keep your devices charged with a power bank or charger, as not all trains offer power outlets.

Remember, even the cheapest option can be comfortable with the right preparations.

Traveling with Children

Frankfurt to Amsterdam Train Traveling with Children
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Traveling with kids requires additional planning. Early booking can secure you a family-friendly spot. Look for trains with facilities for children to make your ride smoother. Here are some specific tips:

  • Book Seats in Family Areas: Some trains have areas designed for travelers with children, which may feature more space or close proximity to restrooms.
  • Pack Snacks and Entertainment: Keep children happy with their favorite snacks and activities. Include travel-sized games, coloring books, or tablets loaded with movies.

Familiarize yourself with the journey information ahead of time, so you can answer any FAQs your little ones might have about the trip.

Alternative Transportation Modes

When planning your journey from Frankfurt to Amsterdam, besides the train, you have several options to consider, including bus, flight, and car travel. Each mode offers unique benefits, whether you’re looking for cost savings or time efficiency.

Bus Options

Traveling by bus might be a cost-effective alternative to the train. Here’s a quick glance at what you need to know:

  • Bus Companies: Various coach companies, like Flixbus, operate on this route offering competitive prices.
  • Bus Tickets: Prices are generally more affordable than train fares, ranging from €23 – €55.

Flight Information

Frankfurt to Amsterdam Train Flight Information
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Taking a flight can be the fastest way to reach Amsterdam from Frankfurt.

  • Airports: Flights usually depart from Frankfurt Airport and land in Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.
  • Airlines: Major airlines provide regular service, but costs can be higher, especially if booking last-minute.

Car Travel Considerations

For a more scenic route at your own pace, consider driving.

  • Distance: The distance is approximately 440 km, which can be covered in about 4-5 hours, traffic permitting.
  • Car Rental: Renting a car can offer freedom but remember to factor in costs such as fuel and potential tolls in France if your route takes you through.

Departure and Arrival Stations

Passengers boarding and exiting trains at Frankfurt and Amsterdam stations

Starting your journey from Frankfurt (Main) HBF and heading to Amsterdam Centraal, you can expect efficient service and convenient facilities. Both stations are well equipped to ensure your travel is comfortable from start to finish.

Frankfurt (Main) HBF Details

Frankfurt (Main) HBF, the main railway station in Frankfurt, is a central hub in the German rail network. It provides a wide range of amenities and travel connections, making your departure as straightforward as possible. Here’s what it offers:

  • Facilities: Taxi ranks, car rentals, local and long-distance buses.
  • Parking: Offers several parking spaces but with varying fees.
  • Transport Options: Extensive transport options including U-Bahn (subway), S-Bahn (suburban trains), trams, and buses.
  • Station Services: Several shops, waiting areas, restrooms, and eateries.

Table: Transport Links from Frankfurt (Main) HBF

Mode of TransportConnectionsFrequency
U-BahnThroughout FrankfurtEvery few minutes
S-BahnGreater Frankfurt areaHigh frequency
TramsCity center and beyondRegular intervals
BusesLocal / RegionalRegular service

Amsterdam Centraal Insights

As your arrival station, Amsterdam Centraal stands out with its striking architecture and wealth of transport links, making it a landmark in itself.

  • Facilities: It’s lined with shops, cafes, and luggage storage services.
  • Parking: Limited parking space is available; it’s better to use public transport.
  • Transport Connections: Trams, buses, ferries, and even bikes are conveniently accessible.
  • Proximity: Situated close to the city center, you’re steps away from Amsterdam’s main attractions.

List of Amenities at Amsterdam Centraal:

  • Eateries: From quick snacks to sit-down meals.
  • Shopping: Various stores for last-minute gifts or travel necessities.
  • Information Desks: For guidance and travel tips around Amsterdam.

Booking Platforms and Tools

Frankfurt to Amsterdam Train Booking Platforms and Tools
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Finding your way from Frankfurt to Amsterdam by train is made simple with user-friendly booking platforms. You have a variety of online ticketing websites at your disposal, often with multiple payment methods to accommodate your preferences.

Online Ticketing Websites

When planning your train journey, you’ll encounter Trainline and Omio, which are among the most popular booking websites. Both provide comprehensive travel details, allowing you to compare options and book tickets directly through their platforms.

Trainline offers:

  • Real-time schedules
  • Ticket availability
  • Price comparison

Omio highlights:

  • Simplified booking process
  • Direct ticket downloads
  • Multi-language support

Payment Methods Accepted

These platforms support various payment methods to ensure a hassle-free transaction. You can typically use:

  • PayPal for secure, quick payments
  • Visa for widespread credit card acceptance
  • Direct Debit transactions through banks
  • Sometimes even local payment methods specific to your region
Payment MethodTrainlineOmioDB
Direct Debit

Whether you opt for the convenience of PayPal or the reliability of Visa, these platforms accommodate your needs to ensure you can book your ticket from Frankfurt to Amsterdam with ease.

International Connections

Frankfurt to Amsterdam Train International Connections
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When you travel from Frankfurt to Amsterdam by train, you’re not just moving between two cities—you’re tapping into an extensive network of international rail routes that Europe offers.

Traveling Beyond Germany and the Netherlands

Your journey on high-speed ICE (Intercity Express) trains doesn’t have to end in Amsterdam. If you’re eager to explore beyond Germany and the Netherlands, the Deutsche Bahn network connects you to numerous European destinations. You could head to Denmark or even venture to France and Austria, with ICE and IC (InterCity) services seamlessly linking major cities.

DestinationTrain TypeDuration

Embark on a European adventure and let the rails be your guide to the continent’s vast cultural riches.

Connecting Services in Europe

Sometimes, your travels might call for flexible timetables or routes not covered by the ICE. In such cases, consider the RegioJet or BlablaCar Bus services. These alternatives provide additional connectivity and can be particularly economical choices.

  • Night Trains: For longer distances or a unique travel experience, night trains are an excellent option. Sleep through the journey and wake up in a new city.
  • RegioJet: Known for affordability and comfort, this service could become your go-to for Central European routes.
  • BlablaCar Bus: Offers a comprehensive network of bus routes that complement train services, giving you more flexibility in your travel planning.

Throughout Europe, your train ticket opens the door to extensive interconnected services. Let your curiosity decide your next stop.

Travel Classes and Comfort

Frankfurt to Amsterdam Train Travel Classes and Comfort
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When you travel from Frankfurt to Amsterdam by train, you have the choice between various classes of service that cater to different comfort and budget needs.

Economy vs First Class

Economy Class is perfect if you’re looking to travel cost-effectively. Standard amenities include:

  • Standard seats: Comfortable with adequate legroom.
  • Second Class: A step up from the basic seating with added space.

However, for a more premium experience, First Class offers:

  • Leather seats: Sleek and comfy.
  • More legroom: Allowing you to stretch out during the long journey.
  • Adjustable seats: Find the perfect angle for relaxation.
ClassSeat TypeFeatures
Economy ClassStandardBasic comforts, cost-effective
First ClassLeather SeatsExtra space, adjustable seats

Special Seating and Accommodations

Looking for something beyond the standard? Consider the Relax Class, where comfort meets luxury:

  • More legroom: Travel without feeling cramped.
  • Adjustable Leather Seats: Customize your seating experience for optimum comfort.

Traveling in the Relax Class means arriving at your destination refreshed and relaxed, ready for whatever Amsterdam has to offer.

Our Opinion about Frankfurt to Amsterdam by Train

Although Deutsche Bahn does not always enjoy a good reputation in Germany due to its cancellations or delays, traveling from Frankfurt to Amsterdam by train is a cheap and relaxing alternative. Hop on the train in Frankfurt, enjoy the scenery, and do the things you enjoy. Simply arrive in Amsterdam without stress and explore another country in Europe.
An absolute tip: check in good time for cheap and available offers for your trip to Amsterdam. You can get big discounts by booking your train tickets in good time.

FAQ about Frankfurt to Amsterdam by Train

How long does the train journey from Frankfurt to Amsterdam take?

The journey takes approximately 4-4.5 hours, depending on the type of train and any potential stops along the way.

How much does a train ticket from Frankfurt to Amsterdam cost?

Ticket prices vary, but a standard fare typically ranges from €40 to €120.

How frequently do trains run between Frankfurt and Amsterdam?

There are multiple daily departures, with trains running approximately every 2 hours throughout the day.

Did you go from Frankfurt to Amsterdam by train? Let us know in the comments below about your experiences with this Trip.

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